[OSGeo-Discuss] Summary of Time In GIS

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Fri Dec 21 08:26:34 PST 2007

I've put up a page at the OSGeo Wiki summarizing some of the responses I
got to my question about time in GIS as promised. 




I would like to personally thank all of the responders. (If I forgot to
add your name to the credits section on the page, please let me know. Do
the same thing if I misspelled your name.) :] Please also let me know if
you have other links or information that should be added to the page.


The information provided was very helpful, and gave me a lot to think
about. I'm sure my future efforts at construction GIS data models will
benefit from this discussion.


Landon (A.K.A. - The Sunburned Surveyor)




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