[OSGeo-Discuss] Call for help with Where 2.0 and OGC

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Thu Feb 1 14:23:32 PST 2007

OSGeo plans to have a booth at Where 2.0, as we did last year, to spread
the word about Open Source solutions in the more cutting-edge geo

This year, as part of their effort to reach out to the "mass market" geo
community, OGC also plans to have a significant presence at Where 2.0.
Towards this goal, they are thinking about having a demo there showing
some of the power of open standards.  For example, a demo of a scenario
in which their might be a catalog of services, and show how those
services can be chained together -- think a "mashup of mashups", if you
will, using perhaps a mix of public and private data sources.

OGC would like OSGeo to participate in putting this demo together.
While there may be some closed-source players in the mix, there is
plenty of room in there for the sorts open source solutions that our
projects provide.

On the OGC side, this is being coordinated by Raj Singh, someone who has
an understanding and respect for the OSGeo community and what we're
about.  Raj and I both feel this event would be a good step towards
helping OGC and OSGeo can work together in the future -- something a
number of us have talked about over the past months.

If you're interested in participating in this event, please let me know.
We plan have a phone conference on Feb 13th to begin to organize things,
and in the meantime discussions will be starting on OGC's mass-market
mailing list (open to the public,



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