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Gao_Ang gao_miao at 126.com
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Comparing Geoserver with Mapserver on the Open Geospatial Service such as WPS.  
I'm glad to learn that Geoserver will provide the OGC WPS support with the combination of "FROGS" framework.  FROGS is specifically
focused on the implement of WPS. On the contrary, I haven't get any information that Mapserver will provide the function of WPS directly.

If there are some friends learn about any other implement or information of WPS specification besides pyWPS and 52N WPS, please let me know by the mail.

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>IMHO in general Mapserver is better at WMS, Geoserver is better at WFS. 
>Although I must admit I haven't checked Geoserver's WMS capabilities in 
>a while.
>One big difference is that Geoserver supports WFS-T, i.e. transactional 
>WFS, and Mapserver does not.
>Mapserver is not very efficient against database sources for WFS (uses 1 
>SQL statement per feature retrieved), Geoserver does much better in that 
>area. This is especially true for attribute queries in WFS.
>And ofcourse there is the technology difference, CGI versus J2EE, which 
>could influence a decision. Sometimes I meet organizations who don't 
>want CGI's, but ofcourse have no problem with J2EE.
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>Gary Watry schreef:
>> Can anyone tell the strong points of using either MapServer or GeoServer
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