[OSGeo-Discuss] any suggestion of GIS magazine?

Jeff Thurston thurston at t-online.de
Mon Feb 19 11:49:10 PST 2007

Since the issue of Geoconnexion International Magazine has been 
mentioned, I would like to respond.

As the editor of the magazine, I will say that the content is very 
mixed and varied. There are a significant number of articles 
pertaining to both large and small companies and projects. Topics in 
recent times have included context mapping, FDO use in software, GML, 
CityGML, open architectures, standards etc. While we have changed 
direction, it needs to go further in my view.

My approach (ie. OGC, Open Source and other similar bodies), has been 
to find the users, manufacturers and developers of those technologies 
and support their work through publishing their material. The bottom 
line being, if it works, helps people and solves their problems, then 
that is the point, I can say that there are many talented people also 
doing work that is not wholly open source as well, and a significant 
portion of them speak about 'openness' a great deal.

The bottom line is that our magazine stretches throughout Europe, 
extends into Middle East and Africa and North America as well. It 
must pay the bills to produce it. I believe we distribute more 
magazines than any other in Europe.

I'll make the Open Source community a challenge. If it can produce 
and deliver a column every month (or every other month), I'll include 
it in the magazine.

The topic can be the communities choice, though I retain final editor 
rights. My suggestion is to revolve your column among the whole 
community, but it's up to you.

I welcome your participation.

Happy reading,


Jeff Thurston, Editor
GEOconnexion International Magazine
Berlin, Germany

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