[OSGeo-Discuss] any suggestion of GIS magazine?

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Mon Feb 19 13:42:13 PST 2007

Jeff Thurston wrote:
> FDO is still new to a lot of people outside the programmer community,
> though rapidly becoming known because it is included in some well known
> products.


Yes, it's new. That's also the reason I started posting some short
articles on my blog. I hope I'll continue this introductory so other
programmers will be able to learn FDO & start working with it faster.

I believe it's a great idea to start publishing in a printed magazine
articles and tutorials similar to those presented in the ArcUser
Magazine, but about Open Source software (applications, frameworks,
libraries, etc.).

GDAL, PROJ.4, GEOS, ...all these great libraries and more
could be covered there.

> I've reviewed a few of these products, you can find the
> reviews on the magazine web site if you wish.

Thanks, I'll check it.

> Ideally the magazine will go where things are interesting. I recognise
> the developer-programmer folks as 'the community' too.

I agree with you.

> As an editor, I may not know the details of programming,
> but that is not a reason to include such material.
> Maybe you folks could peer review prior to
> publishing - even in a quick way? Just an idea...

Yes, I believe this idea is very interesting.
If you will have more details, I'm interested.

Mateusz Loskot

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