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O.K. Paul.

I'll need to think about that for a couple of days.


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Landon Blake wrote:
> Can you give me an idea of how much work would be involved?

Not that much work, but somewhat continuous attention. You need to be 
available when you are needed.  Main chunks of work are:

- At the start, get together the initial submission to be an
- Get together good project ideas, weed out the bad ones, make sure that

every idea has a committed mentor available, should it be proposed and 
- Get together a mentor pool who will evaluate submissions.
- Answer questions from students during the student proposal phase.
- Whip mentors to do their evaluations.
- Once students are selected, ensure that people are happy and 
communicating on a regular basis.
- Whip mentors to do their midterm and final evaluations.

There are some good suggestions on screening project ideas and students 
from the Mentor Summit from last year.



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