[OSGeo-Discuss] Introdution tutorials

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 21 15:14:47 PST 2007

On 21-Feb-07, at 3:52 AM, watry at steam.coaps.fsu.edu wrote:

> If you go to http://www.coaps.fsu.edu/gis and along the bottom of  
> the page are three tutorials. Quantum GIS, uDig, MapWindows. We are  
> getting ready to produce OpenJump, OSSIM, and one more package this  
> spring.
> My Question is that at one point in the past, It was discussed  
> about the possibility to place these on the OSGEO Website.
> So?
> 1. Is the loading of tutorials on the osgeo website still the  
> concept or is just linking to other sites the plan?
> 2. how and where does someone go about doing this?

This hasn't been discussed for a while, but if the Education  
Committee wants to host the files on osgeo.org, that's no problem.   
I'd suggest that the Edu. group start an educational library with  
public domain downloads available and put yours in there.  We have a  
similar library (under development) for promotional material and  
presentations.  Having a branch of it for education would make a lot  
of sense.

Anyone from the Web Committee, including myself, can help get the  
files online for you when ready.


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