[OSGeo-Discuss] Google Summer of Code followup - how much details is needed?

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Mon Feb 26 19:29:58 PST 2007

Here is the link to the previous years ideas:
- http://www.refractions.net/soc2006/ (you need a single page per 
- http://www.refractions.net/soc2006/index.php?PostgisIdeas
- http://udig.refractions.net/confluence/display/HACK/Summer+of+Code

As an example here is the kind of thing that was not quite specific enough:
> IDEA: Got GPS?
> If so lets get those GPS Tracks on the map with a new "Import" plugin, 
> the result can be packaged as a custom RCP application "powered by uDig".

And here is one that was successful:
> IDEA: More coverage formats? GDAL and ImageIO.
> Hiding GDAL library behind ImageIO plugins would be a tremendous hit 
> since it would allow developers to access many different coverage 
> formats and to manipulate them through JAI extensible architecture.
> Here you have some useful info about the mentioned libraries:
> GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library is for sure the most 
> powerful translator library for raster geospatial data formats. There 
> is a huge ongoing work for building Java-bindings using SWIG in order 
> to fully eploit its power inside java applications.
> JAI – Java Advanced Imaging "provides a set of object-oriented 
> interfaces that support a simple, high-level programming model which 
> lets you manipulate images easily".
> ImageIO – JAI Image IO tools is the library providing the tools for 
> performing I/O following the JAI pull model
Hope this helps,
> We ran a paragraph description last time - with mixed results. I would 
> try a couple of paragraphs and a diagram, mostly to make sure the 
> scope is limited
> to the kind of thing that can be accomplished in a summer. Be 
> providing some examples of subject matter and scope you will keep the 
> signal to noise ratio a bit higher.
> To be clear - this "idea list" is from the community to perspective 
> students; what the students need to write up is considerably more 
> detailed (and defined by the SoC process).
> Cheers,
> Jody
> Steve Lime wrote:
>> Is there a proposal template available someplace? I mean, how fully
>> baked would ideas
>> have to be at this point in time?
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