[OSGeo-Discuss] Call for volunteers - Newsletter production team

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 27 09:49:25 PST 2007

Hi all,
As you may be aware, last year the GRASS News production team offered  
to transition their great production into a brand new OSGeo  
Newsletter.  Although branded as OSGeo, all open source projects are  
welcome to be part of it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the last volume done under  
the GRASS name, have a look at this:
http://osgeo.org/files/news/GRASS_OSGeo_News_vol4.pdf (5.3MB).  As  
you can see it is much more than just some news clippings!

Well, now is the time to get a new team together to help make a great  
production.  You are invited to be part of that team!  Want some  
exercise for your writing skills?  Would you like to get some more  
exposure for your project?  Want to learn the ins and outs of some  
publication software?  Or do you just want to help spread the word  
about some projects or case studies that you love?

There are several positions available for any volunteer who would  
help to coordinate collecting articles, writing content, reviewing  
content, helping with layout or graphics, and more.  Want to sign up  
just for one volume or to test the waters first?  That is fine too.

Please see the Newsletter wiki page for a list of open positions and  
categories for content that need editors:

If you have any ideas, reservations, comments, questions or concerns  
please just let me or Martin (cc'd) know!  As we will all work as a  
team, please do not be shy about your interests, even if you are  
going to need some help getting started.

After the team is gathered and production deadlines are finalised,  
then we will make a more general call for contributors.  If you  
already have something that you would like to contribute, you are  
welcome to sign up now on the page:

Hope you will join us in putting this together!


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