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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Feb 28 11:32:53 PST 2007

Hi Bob,

this was recently discussed in the incubation committee.  It was  
agreed by all that OSGeo is only officially interested in incubating/ 
hosting reasonably mature projects that have an established code base  
and user community.  It was explicitly decided that OSGeo is not the  
breeding ground for new projects.

As there are already several client projects (MapBender, MapBuilder,  
OpenLayers, MapGuide) in OSGeo or undergoing incubation, I suspect  
that there would be little interest in another Client project.  OSGeo  
is trying to spread the love around a bit and looks to fill in gaps  
in the GIS stack, another hit against a new Client project.  Finally,  
I believe one of the benefits of OSGeo is that it can focus resources  
on existing projects rather than fragmenting it.  That doesn't mean  
that someone couldn't start something new, but in an OSGeo context it  
would be better if the resources for the new project were put towards  
improving an existing one.

Is there a particular reason why you are creating a new Mapping  
Client Project rather than putting resources to improving or  
customizing an existing one?

I believe that it may be possible for nascent projects to use some of  
the OSGeo infrastructure (svn and trac).  I'm not sure there is a  
process in place for requesting this yet.



On 28-Feb-07, at 2:06 PM, Bob Basques wrote:

> All,
> I'm wondering about finding a new home for a Mapping Client Project.
> What requirements are there for proposing a new project under the  
> Umbrella?
> I can set up a Physical home for it, but was wondering more about  
> having
> OSGEO handling the Project Ownership in some form.  Or is it better to
> set up the project standalone and just point to it.  This is an option
> as well.  I'm just trying to gage interest from the OSGEO perspective
> about these sorts of things.
> The City would still participate in development into the future (at  
> this
> point).
> Thanks for any info.
> bobb
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