[OSGeo-Discuss] Call for volunteers - Newsletter production team

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 28 15:14:56 PST 2007

On 28-Feb-07, at 9:48 AM, Chip Mefford wrote:

> Landon Blake wrote:
>> Tyler,
>> I don't know much about LaTex, but I have used Scribus. If we ever
>> decide to move the newsletter to Scribus I could help with the layout
>> and graphical production.
> I've used both, and for this particular type of application, I
> really feel that scribus is a better fit.
> So, I second the motion :)

Hi guys,
I've replied to Landon offline as well, but wanted to note that I  
think it is worth discussing amongst the various editors when those  
positions are filled.  Since they are the ones who will need to  
interact with contributors and reformat or convert content into  
whatever system we use anyway.  For now we have a robust LaTex setup  
that works well, so we'll assume it until otherwise decided.  At any  
rate, I want to see as few barriers to contributors as possible -  
though that might just mean having editors do more of the converting.

Note that we have several categories each with only a few articles -  
my hope is that the workload will be spread to a manageable level  
regardless of the platform.
So there's your invite to also help edit a section, so your vote will  
really count ;-).


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