[OSGeo-Discuss] Fw: Re: New Google Mapping Patent

mdragon at ciesas-golfo.edu.mx mdragon at ciesas-golfo.edu.mx
Tue Jan 9 09:56:44 PST 2007

The first service like this I can remember is Mapquest, I found this on
their history page:


1995 Opened an office in Denver, Colorado.
1996 February 5: launched www.MapQuest.com website.
1999 GeoSystems Global Corporation changes company name to MapQuest.com,
Inc. and completes an IPO.
2000 June: America Online, Inc. acquires MapQuest.com, Inc.

I don't like this patent mess either, and I agree with those who think
that large business might be only looking for legal protection. In any
case I think we should talk to Google and get their standing point. IMHO
they haven't been against FOSS before, they actually depend on it.


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