[OSGeo-Discuss] standard for pushing data from GPS device to a web service

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Mon Jan 22 09:55:14 PST 2007

Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> Anton,
> If I may ask a very basic question, What is driving the requirement 
> for a GPS unique id? It seems to me it would be much easier to do 
> something like:
> 1) have a user sign-up for the service and generate a unique id for 
> them. 2) whatever software that is implementing the interface between
>  the GPS and server, requires you to enter the unique id created at 
> sign up.


> Also, I have multiple GPS units that I use in different scenarios, 
> why do you care which GPS I happen to be using. I have a tracking GPS
>  that is setup to record a track point every 1/10th mile and is 
> capable of running for 3000 miles before I need to download and clear
>  the track log. While this is not a real-time tracking application,
> up loading the track log after the fact might be a valid use case.

I believe it was only a consideration to bind ID to a device.
Some applications/users may want to be able to identify GPS device,
regardless of who is using it.
For others (and I believe for most users) it should be enough to
identify/authorize user, regardless what device she is using.

Mateusz Loskot

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