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Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
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I have set up a little side business to offer GIS training and
consulting services based around open source software, especially
OpenJUMP. I haven't really pushed it because I've been busy with some
other responsibilities, but I hope to market it more in the future.

Here is the link:

www.redefined.horizons at gmail.com

I offer training for OpenJUMP specifically, and for GIS in general.

Let me know if this is the type of thing you are looking for, and I will
add it to your wiki.


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A question came up today in the #osgeo IRC channel about what sort of
paid training options are available around open source geospatial
technologies.  I have a vague sense that a few services companies in the
field provide this sort of thing, but I don't really know any details.

In order to get a "sense" of what is available I'd like to collect an
informal directory of some of the training options available.  I'm
primarily of the canned professional course of the half day to five day
kind you might get from professional training companies, or from
vendors, but focused on open source geospatial technologies.

I've setup a wiki page for this purpose, and I'd appreciate it if folks
who know of such courses to add them there.  For now this is informal,
feel free to add an entry "on behalf of" another organization as long as
there is some sort of web link you can provide.  If we eventually try to
formalize this and put it on the public web site we will have to make
more specific arrangements with the providers.

Wiki page at:


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