[OSGeo-Discuss] SlashGeo

Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
Wed Jul 11 08:23:07 PDT 2007

Hi Cory and Paulo,

I'm Alex, the main Slashgeo enthusiast (aka Satri). I confirm I'd like 
to revive the site. I am planning to post a "call to collaborators" in 
the coming days on the slashgeo.org site. Because that's really what I 
need: share the fun of aggregating geonews to feed the site on a daily 
basis :-)

If I succeed in gathering 4 or more contributors, the task should be 
easy and not require too much time to any single individual. One 
contributor could easily focus on only one topic, say open source 
webmapping products, geospatial standards or GPS stuff, thus not 
spending too much time to feed Slashgeo.

I plan to spend some more efforts in the coming weeks and will try my 
best, if I fail, then I'll let the site slide into oblivion. I still 
believe Slashgeo was useful to many within the community and that it can 
have a great future :-)

If anyone on the list wants to join me in this great adventure, you're 
welcomed! You can also learn more about the situation on slashgeo.org's 
last post.

Alexandre Leroux, M.Sc., Ing.
Environnement Canada / Environment Canada
Centre météorologique canadien / Canadian Meteorological Centre
Division de la réponse aux urgences environnementales /
Environmental Emergency Response Division
alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca

Paulo Marcondes wrote:
> 2007/7/10, Cory Horner <chorner at refractions.net>:
>> ...is going down
>> Any attempts to rescue/salvage it?
>> Perhaps OSGeo could help bail it out financially, and some volunteers
>> might take up the administration side?
> Cory, Satri, the site owner, has clearly stated that the issue is that
> publishing the site is taking time from his famuly.
> He would like to have some other editors to work with him.

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