[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGEO & OGC spec development

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu Jul 19 09:35:10 PDT 2007

Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> Not all of us are interested in standards development, just as not all of us are interested in FundRaising or Metadata or...  I'd much prefer to keep the main list for announcements and general topics, not specific threads.

P Kishor wrote:,
> Might I ask, what will a separate list accomplish that posting on just
> the main OSGeo list won't? Standards are a sufficiently important
> subject that all should be concerned with it, and definitely
> knowledgeable about. 

well I see there are good reasons from all sides.

I guess that for announcements there is the announcements list;   IMO 
standards is a pretty complex thread and could cause a high traffic time 
to time.
There are 4 OGC meeting a year, would be nice to coordinate for each 
meeting and give support to subscribed participants filling 
recommendation or whatever else.
The coordination can go from a very technical level, as for each 
standard specification,  to a very practical one (who will attend 
meetings, when, who can support even offering a bed, whatever...).
This is the grade of coordination I dream to reach. I don't know if 
there is the critical mass to start such a debate but I hope it.
If we are at least 10 persons interested to reach such a target, who 
knows when, I guess a dedicated list would be useful.

Then the Wiki can be very useful too.

I have to admit I still don't know which is the level of support I can 
give to such an initiative, I'm a lamer on many aspects about standards.
Anyway I've lately spent and I'll spend a lot of time playing/developing 
on OGC standards in the near future and I hope to have soon a better 
overview of standards related issues.

we can always decide it is not yet the moment to try to coordinate.


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