[OSGeo-Discuss] Software Standards - A Start

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Tue Jul 24 12:14:40 PDT 2007

There were a few recent threads about software standards. Some of these
threads dealt specifically with the role of OSGeo in software standards
development and the OGC. I didn't what this conversation to die out,
because I think it is very important to the survival of open source
software, and a topic that is important to me personally.


I know we may not be ready for a mailing list on this topic just yet,
but I did throw up a page on the OSGeo wiki. You can find it here:




I put together a rough outline or skeleton for some discussion and/or
information on software standards. Please feel free to flesh out some of
this skeleton, and to express your opinion on the listed topics. I have
also posted a link to a little "rough sketching" I did a couple of
months ago on a open file format that I could use to replace ESRI
Shapefiles in OpenJUMP. I'm not an expert programmer, or that good with
binary data, but I thought I would throw a link to my "sketches" on the
page so others could comment. Go ahead and tear it apart! :] If nothing
else, it may stimulate some discussion. You'll find the link to my
"sketches" under the "Suggested Standards" heading.


Landon (A.K.A. - The Sunburned Surveyor)



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