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宋现锋 xfsong at gucas.ac.cn
Mon Jul 30 23:38:18 PDT 2007

Dear All,

The Open Source Activities flourishes in North America, and this truth also reflects on the OSGeo organization structure, that is moreeee representatives of this area are enlisted in OSGeo BOD. Nevertheless, I still believe that we need an Asian BOD member here to advocate OSGeo, to promote Open Source GIS, and to organize regional activities. The OSGeo International will be perfect if it covers a big Asia. 

In recent years, the use of Open Source GIS is booming in Chinese GIS Community, and it is also similar in other Asian countries. I recommend voting to Dr. Venkatesh Raghavan for his long-term efforts to promoting open source gis in Asia, and expect him to contribute much more in future. I ever had a five-years working experience in Japan and knew that Prof. Venkatesh had gained a good reputation in Asian GIS Community.

I am not a voting member, but a loyal user for mapserver, grass and postgres/postgis. If I was, I would like to see Mr. Markus Neteler as a board director again. He almost becomes a brand for grass gis. I teach gis in gradute school and there are about 150 graduates coming to me every semester, most of who know his name and GRASS soft.

I has been hesitating about one week whether I should post such a message. Just reading the post from H.S.Rai, I made a decision. If my writing is against voting regularity, please discard it.

Xianfeng Song, Ph.D.
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>Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] Election: BoD
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>Although there is a need of developing countries to adopt OSGeo and
> FOSS GIS. it is a  fact, that adoption of such software is not upto
> desired level. There is need of understand reasons behind this and
> require more physical contact, conferences, workshops in
> addition to using Internet for this purpose. One who knows the ground
> realities in countries like India can promote societal cause like
> OSGeo.
> For a better future of OSGeo and its adoption of in India, which can
> be replicated in other Asian countries quite easily, once it is
> successful here, I recommend voting to V.Ravi Kumar and Venkatesh
> Raghavan.
> I wish to see them as members of OSGeo board, and request all charter members
> to make it possible.
> -- 
> H.S.Rai
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