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Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Fri Mar 2 13:42:45 EST 2007

Oracle has submitted this workshop proposal to the "Free and Open Source
Software for Geospatial 2007 Conference".

   Developing GeoSpatial applications for Oracle XE
   (the free Express Edition of the Oracle database).

   This workshop describes how to use Oracle Database
   Express Edition (XE) and Oracle MapViewer to develop a
   simple yet powerful geospatial web application called
   “Geo Tags”. Documents (photos, pdf or word docs,
   video clips) are geo-tagged and stored in the database.
   MapViewer displays the locations referenced in the
   geo-tags and retrieves documents at, or within,
   a user specified location.

Looks great to me! I would go (hope it's not cross scheduled with *my* 
workshop...). And the software they are showing is free. So, a perfect fit.



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