[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Member Elections

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Fri Mar 2 10:24:35 PST 2007

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>   http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Membership_Process

Under "Nominations", point #6 is redundant,
given point #1.
One week of Nominations + 1 week of Voting may
rule out participation, as a voter or nominee,
by anyone who is on vacation for 2 or more weeks.
The effects of this could be lessened by establishing
a set date that is used every year for the nomination/
voting process, so that people could know in advance
if there will be unable to participate, and, at least
for the voting, designate a proxy.
If the wording were changed to:
  Each year additional charter members are nominated and
  elected by the OSGeo charter members, in a process operated
  by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO). The number of additional
  charter members to be nominated and elected is determined for
  each year by the OSGeo Board at the Annual General Meeting.
and then change the other text to not use "fifteen", then
if this gets "baked in", it leaves things more flexible.
Under "Voting", this:
  Charter members may apply all their votes to a single
  person or distribute them in integral amounts over
  multiple candidates.
conflicts with this:
  Once complete the CRO tallies votes and the 15 new
  charter membership are assigned to the candidates
  with the most votes
because there is no guarantee that, collectively, the
votes will be distributed to 15 (or more) nominees.
(Or, even that there were 15 nominees to start with)

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