[OSGeo-Discuss] "Free"

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 2 12:25:31 PST 2007

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On 2-Mar-07, at 12:12 PM, Ned Horning wrote:

> Would dropping "Free" and just using "Open Source" in the future  
> make it
> transparent to everyone?

Hi Ned,
I think that's the crux of it (aside from current workshop question).

The OSGeo conference committee had a debate about this and voted to  
keep the Free in the title.  I can see this will likely be an annual  
debate :)

Until then it's a good reminder that the "Free" and "Open" go  
together.  That is, no matter what "Free" means - it must also be  
"open source".  Not Free "or" Open Source. Though, again, that's not  
clear to everyone either.

I do think it is a good metric for deciding about workshop/speaker  
sessions though - is it Free and Open Source?  yes or no...


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