[OSGeo-Discuss] Other issues relavant to topic 'free' as in freedom

Chip Mefford cmefford at eruditium.org
Tue Mar 6 08:27:35 PST 2007

Just forwarded got an interesting email today,

I'll quote some of it;

...came back from a federal LiDAR conference last week complaining
about MAPPS (a lobbying group for engineers, architects and surveyors)
agenda to restrict the practice of GIS, mapping, and other geospatial
activities to licensed engineers, architects, and surveyors.

Their latest attack takes the form of a lawsuit that would require the
government to amend the regulations used to implement the Brooks
Architect-Engineers Act so that all government contracting for any
geospatial related services would have to be awarded to an engineering
or architectural firm. A previous lawsuit by MAPPS forced the USGS to
abandon its topographic mapping program.

I'm not so sure about the facts in that last sentence.
I think that's a reference to the esri/grass/usacoe
bit from a number of years ago.

Here's a link to relevant docs and the like;

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