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Daniel Ames dpames at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 14:52:49 PDT 2007

Jody and others,

Thanks for all of the interesting discussion.  I must admit it's hard to be
too critical of the conference committe having not volunteered to
participate on it (maybe next time?).  So thank you to all who are working
on this.  I also understand that any kind of review process is challenging
and will have detractors.

To answer your question, yes.  The MapWindow community is fully behind the
development focused workshops since 80% of our active users are developers
using our libraries.  How many of them are coming to Victoria, I don't
know.  I told Paul that we have so far had about 200 "click throughs" on our
FOSS4G 2007 logo on the MapWindow.org home page, so the presumption is that
some of these folks will attend, tell their friends, and so forth.

Maybe some of Franks suggestions could be considered.  If not this time,
then perhaps next year?
Again thanks to those of you who volunteer so much time to give open source
geospatial software a fighting chance.


On 3/29/07, Jody Garnett <jgarnett at refractions.net> wrote:
> Correction :-)
> > Hi Daniel -
> >
> > I agree that workshops are the most valued part of the conference; I
> > was a bit sad personally to do some more developer focused workshops
> > (but looking at the target audience for the conference I did not
> > expect any such applications to be successful).
> I was sad *not* to do some developer focused workshops. I am a developer
> and frankly I need more developers on the different open source projects
> I am involved with. I would like nothing more then to set up a workshop
> to inspire and involve new contributors in lots of 40.
> My impression is that conference attendees are looking forward to using
> the completed products ;-) Either as part of mash up or in a SDI
> "Architecture Slot" (two very large extremes).
> Daniel Ames did your developer community talk about a workshop proposal
> with you before you submitted? I know for GeoTools and GeoServer we had
> extensive IRC discussions in order to try and choose the right mix (and
> not overlap).
> As for any play time with developers (new and old) I am saving my
> energies for the code sprint.
> Jody
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