[OSGeo-Discuss] Use cases for FOSS-GIS in universities

Markus Neteler neteler.osgeo at gmail.com
Sun May 13 11:02:03 PDT 2007

On 5/12/07, Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> a simple way to start practicing and making classes with FOSS4G is using
> liveCDs.

Yes, I fully agree. I have given several courses via liveCD (several)
and never had much troubles. In fact, students were pretty suprised
how easy it is: insert CD/DVD and start working. Best is of course
that I could tell them to take the CD/DVD home and make as many
copies as possible.

Not only the software was on these CD/DVD, but also all seminar
data. Since it goes online easily (if firewalls permit), then folks could
even enjoy WMS, WFS and so forth.

My (positive) experiences cover faculties of Veterinary (these students
didn't even know that Linux exists), public administration and certainly
power users (there were several advanced courses at FOSS4G2006,


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