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Aaron Racicot aaronr at z-pulley.com
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I don't have a solution for the "how to redistribute swf" question, but I do
have some videos (and will be making more) posted at:


Everything on my site is CC.


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Hi all,
while thinking to the next LiveCD structure we thought about a 
repository of video tutorials about FOSS GIS softwares.

I know there are already few cool video out there and I would like to 
create at least an index to let them be available to everybody.

Personally I like a lot video tutorial, even without sound they are 
clear and helpful.

As example, one that I like is:
"Mapping Your Data: Using QGIS, OpenLayers, and MapServer to serve open 
data" by Chris Schmidt

A simple sistem to collect them all could be using public video web 
sites (Google, YouTube or Yahoo) but the quality of their resampling is 
so poor not to read from menus, making the video useless.

I would love to create a central repository or, if complicated, an OSGeo 
web site page to index them all. We can start with the wiki.

Two issues can arise (or maybe more):

1) license
to redistribute this videos on a liveCD we need them to be with a 
permitting Creative Common license or something like that.

2) format
many of this movies are in SWF or played with Flash player. AFAIK 
there's no way to re-distribute freely such a format and player. Looking 
for a good solution...

I still think LiveCD are a good system to spread FOSS GIS software and 
video tutorials help a lot breaking the barrier of fear that beginners 
find in front of a new and complex applications like GIS are.

hope to find some support or hints to go further on this thread

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