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Alireza Nobahar alireza110_no at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 03:43:34 PST 2007

Hi there,
I'm a new recruit in term of GIS. I'm surveying engineer and I'm also software programmer(VB6,VB.NET,C#.NET,SQL Server2000). Nowadays as I have to design and develop a GIS project, I'm scrutinizing the net to find something usefull about Mapguide Open Source and I've found OSGeo site. Neverheless, at the first step I've encountered a problem with a sample. I've done all the following step:

1 Download the package Sheboygan.mgp from
https://mapguide.osgeo.org/downloads.html#samples .
2 Copy the package Sheboygan.mgp to one of the following locations:
■ Windows: C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource\Server\Packages
3 Start Site Administrator:
4 Enter the following:
■ User ID: Administrator
■ Password: admin
5 Choose the Configure Services menu.
6 In the Resource Services section, make sure that the path for Packages
Folder is the same as in Step 2.
7 Choose the Manage Packages menu.
8 In the list of packages in the Load Package section, click Sheboygan.mgp.

However, it doesn't have any package in the list! and is written:(No packages found) and I'm confused. Actually I downloaded Sheboygan.zip and after extract this folder copy it to (C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource\Server\Packages). The folder name is Sheboygan,NOT Sheboygan.mgp!
Is there any one to help me?

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