[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: idea for an OSGeo project -- a new, open data format

Lucena, Ivan ivan.lucena at pmldnet.com
Wed Nov 14 10:40:13 PST 2007


I was watching this PyTables video 
[http://www.carabos.com/videos/pytables-1-intro] and one thought came to 
my mind: HDF5 can easily be used to store and retrieve vector, raster 
and attribute tables. We would need to standardize a schema tough.

Best regards,


PS. I am not that Ivan on that video.

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Landon Blake wrote:
>> P.S. - This is probably a crazy idea, but has anyone ever considered
>> talking to ESRI about cooperating on an update Shapefile spec?
> Landon,
> I believe ESRI sees the "file based geodatabase" as filling roughly the
> role that the Shapefile played in the ArcView 3.x days.  Of course it isn't
> clear that it will be very open and interoperable with other software 
> packages.
> I can't imagine a "upgrade" to shapefiles that would satisfy all our
> requirements that has anything but the name in common with the existing
> shapefiles.  So why drag ESRI into it?
> Best regards,

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