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Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Tue Nov 27 09:32:06 PST 2007

Does anyone know if there has been work on GIS Data Models besides any
organization other than ESRI?


I have both books on GIS Data Models by ESRI Press, which I thoroughly


Designing Geodatabases: Case Studies In Data Modeling


Modeling Our World: The ESRI Guide To Geodatabase Design


However, this material is definitely written for a user of ESRI
software. It is possible to extract basic principles from the material
ESRI produces on data models, although this can be difficult given the
amount of software specific content.


Has there been any effort by the open source community to develop GIS
Data Models? (By a GIS Data Model I mean a template or set of guidelines
for one or more thematic layers and the features they contain as these
layers apply to a particular application. For example: Agriculture)


I am starting work on a data model for Survey Control as part of my
efforts at the SurveyOS Project and at my day job. As part of this work
I would like to develop some tutorials and templates for data model
design that could be used by others in the FOSS GIS arena. These data
model patterns will focus on "vendor-neutral" GIS design. I hope to work
on other data models as the years pass, and most of these will be survey


I am curious if there has been work like this done before. For example,
I'll need to define some abstract data types for Feature attributes that
could be "mapped" to various software platforms and/or programming


Any thoughts?





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