[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo in Paris

Jacolin Yves yjacolin at free.fr
Fri Sep 7 05:52:03 PDT 2007

Hi Kishor,

I will forward your mail to the Francophone mailing list may be some folks 
there will contact you.

I won't be in Paris since I will be at Victoria from the 21th of september. 
But one of the OSGeo-fr "board" will be in Paris. Could be nice to meet each 
other :)

Best regards,


Le Friday 07 September 2007 14:43:32 P Kishor, vous avez écrit :
> posted to two lists... some will get this twice.
> ----
> Friends,
> I have been invited to a workshop in Paris on common use licensing of
> scientific data products. The workshop is jointly organized by CODATA,
> GBIF, and Science Commons, and will be held at the Sorbonne on Sep 24,
> 25. I am writing this email for three reasons --
> 1. I will be, as usual, representing OSGeo interests as well, so any
> feedforward you have for me on licensing of geospatial data inasmuch
> as they are scientific data, please send it to me.
> 2. While most of the open geospatial world will be enjoying the
> beautiful environs of Victoria BC on Sep 24, 25, in the slim chance
> that some of our OSGeo-philes are in and around Paris at that time, I
> would love to meet with you.
> 3. Since I have never been to Paris before (a walk between Gare de
> l'est and Gare du Nord doesn't count), I am trying to stay over for a
> couple of days extra bookending the workshop. That coupled with the $
> - € exchange rate and the location where I want to stay (walking
> distance of the Sorbonne) is making for a rather unaffordable trip. I
> am looking for accomodation suggestions from locals as it is not
> always the easiest trying to do these things over the internet. For
> now, I have a room reserved from Sep 23-27 at € 116 a night, which,
> while is rather inexpensive by Paris standards, is still rather
> expensive by my standards. Ideally, I am looking for a place in the €
> 60-80 range from Sep 22-27.
> Many thanks for any and all responses to the above.

Yves Jacolin

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