[OSGeo-Discuss] arcGIS and Grass compatibility

Paulo Marcondes paulomarcondes at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 17:08:35 PDT 2007

2007/9/13, k4mik4ze <luis.parada at gmail.com>:
> Hello, I would like to know everything about migration proyects from arcGIS
> to Grass, can i create a web interface so users in a department can access
> all GIS data? Can i migrate arcGIS data to grass?
> Thanks

First, you have to know :
why would you want to do such a move?
are the users willing or wanting to do that move?
do they have experience (or even training) in GRASS
do they have with linux/unix?
do you have experience with linux/unix?

Reading all those migration strategies from windows to linux might help too.

As for the second question: yes you can _access_ your GIS data over
the web, see, e.g. MapServer. With some PyWPS magic is possible to
even process some data with GRASS over the web.

For the third, with a little help from GDAL/OGR, it may be possible to
migrate your data, but that I'll leave to more seasoned people here.
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