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dear all,

While this is an inter-National Mapping Agency knowledge sharing
effort, http://www.agirn.org/nma , it seems likely that local
institutions and NGOs would have useful information about equipment
techniques and support arrangements to share.

It could also be a great subject for a BOF session at FOSS4G2008 
to catch a selection of African mapping agency people. (And perhaps
some OSGeo or GISSA members are already involved with this AGIRN?)

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>From the ISPRS Newsletter:


At the Cambridge Conference, held from 15th - 20th July, at Univ. of 
Cambridge, UK, it was decided to develop two geospatial knowledge 
portals for National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) to exchange information. 
The first, to be developed by GSDI, will be a global portal which will 
include specific pages for NMAs.

The second is an African Portal and is developed within AGIRN, developed 
by the South African Human Science Research Council (HSRC) and EIS 
Africa. Participants at the Cambridge Conference, led by Ordnance 
Survey, agreed to support the portal, and the Joint Board of geospatial 
Information Societies (JBGIS)  agreed to coordinate the portal, and help 
to populate it.

I am writing now on behalf of JBGIS Committee for Capacity Building in 
Africa to ask you to support the AGIRN portal by providing reports or 
documents which may be of use to African NMAs and by posting details of 
any support that you may be able to provide in the way of training, 
consultancy or equipment. You can do this by visiting the website:


and entering the information.

I am also writing to all NMAs globally to ask for their support and 
contribution in order to assist African NMAs. Information provided may 
be shared with the GSDI portal to reduce duplication.

If you have any questions on comments on AGIRN please contact Gina 
Weir-Smith at HSRC gweir-smith at hsrc.ac.za .

Ian Dowman, Chair JBGIS


It would be good if list members could also spread this message within 
their organisations and local NMA contact points.

Kind regards

Roger Longhorn
EGIP Archive:  http://www.ec-gis.org/egip/

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