[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo patronage and letter of support for the CASCADOSS Project

Monika Rusztecka monika at gridw.pl
Mon Apr 7 04:45:49 PDT 2008

Dear OSGeo list,

As per:

I would like to kindly ask you for OSGeo patronage and letter of support 
for the CASCADOSS Project (http://www.cascadoss.eu/) developed in the 
frame of Sixth Framework Programme, PRIORITY Identification 
of new methods of promoting and encouraging transnational technology 
Project CASCADOSS is dedicated to research the market of Free and Open 
Source Software for GIS and Remote Sensing, evaluate FOSS4G solutions 
for environmental applications and promote their use among various group 
of users. Most important target groups is public sector - governmental 
and self-governmental (which is one of the priority target group of the 
European Comisssion). The very special target group is GMES Program 
(Global Monitoring for Environmental Security) participants and 
beneficiaries. In the frame of GMES group there is a strong community of 
scientists, GIS and RS practitioners and people who could be interested 
and be able in application of open source solutions.
Project is conducted by following Partners SADL /K.U.Leuven R&D from 
Belgium, GISAT from Czech Republic, Compet-Terra from Hungary and 
UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre from Poland.

The CASCADOSS consists of 3 main phases: 1st – evaluation process (to be 
completed in April), 2nd – Dissemination of the evaluation results and 
discussion on evaluation results during two international events: 1 day 
Symposium (16th of June) and 3 day Workshop (17th-19th June), to be held 
in Warsaw in Poland, 3rd – National Workshops in Belgium, Czech Republic 
and Slovakia, Hungary and in Poland (Feb. 2009). Additionally we are 
also working on licensing issues, business models for SME activities 
with FOSS4G solutions.

The most forthcoming activities are International Symposium and the 
Workshop. We would like to have OSGeo support and patronage for those 
two upcoming events as an “umbrella” with permission of use OSGeo label 
in promo activities, including publication at the official CASCADOSS 
OSGeo could announce CASCADOSS project and the patronage on the website, 
publish news about the events and include them in the OSGeo calendar.
Since the whole Project is financed by EC we are not asked for funds.

To sum-up: OSGeo and CASCADOSS team are both aiming to promote FOSS4G 
solutions and its application in environmental projects/activities. 
There is strong interest in OS solutions - therefore it would be good to 
have OSGeo - a core "actor" in FOSS4G Community, and your "blessing" for 
the project and its activities.
We think that CASCADOSS project goal to spread knowledge about FOSS4G 
solutions and applications without your "umbrella" would be missing 

On behalf of CASCADOSS Team
Monika Rusztecka

UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre
8 Sobieszynska Str.,
00-764 Warsaw POLAND

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