[OSGeo-Discuss] Proposal: OSGeo Cartographic Library

Brent Fraser bfraser at geoanalytic.com
Mon Apr 7 08:10:02 PDT 2008


  Excellent!  Here are some Use Cases to get the creative
juices flowing:

Use Cases:
I.  Interactive Browsing (e.g. web mapping)
 1. Good-looking web maps (more control of grid/graticule

II. Ad-hoc Authoring (one-time GIS style layout using GUI)
 1. Good-looking printed (ps,pdf,etc) maps automatically
grid/grat, scalebar, legend, north arrow, SRS description
- provide an API to exiting GIS apps?

III. Automated Mapping (script driven)
 1. Map Series (single page, identical layout)
 2. Map Atlas (mostly map with some text, multi-page)
 3. Map-centric documents (mostly text with some map,
 4. Route Alignment Sheets (rotated (non 90 deg) to fit

Brent Fraser
GeoAnalytic Inc.
Calgary, Alberta

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> Dear OSGeo,
> I would like to launch the idea of an "OSGeo Cartographic
Library" to
> share concepts, source code and regression tests:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Cartographic_Library
> GRASS, QGIS and others are in the need of own map printing
> for high quality output but these projects should not
start from scratch.
> There is a wealth of underlying code already in Mapserver,
Mapguide etc
> which could be re-used in the terms of their respective
licenses and
> certainly of programming language compatibility.
> Please hack the wiki page and post your ideas.
> Markus
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