[OSGeo-Discuss] Proposal: OSGeo Cartographic Library

Bruno Lowagie bruno at 1t3xt.com
Sun Apr 13 23:49:12 PDT 2008

Bruno Lowagie wrote:
> All I need is a zip file with limited data of, for instance, a city.
> Any city will do. As long is I just get the raw vector data and
> a small explanation of how to use it.

What I'd like to do with that data, is to provide some examples like
this one: http://itext.ugent.be/personal/interactive_city.pdf

This is an example made based on data I 'invented' myself. The streets
don't connect, the city isn't realistic, etc...

But there are some nice PDF features.

For instance: if you zoom in, a grid appears. It you zoom in further,
the grid disappears again.

On the left, you have a menu. With this menu you can CHANGE the language
of the street names. They are in English by default, but you can change
them into French or Dutch.

You also have menu options to visualize where to find hotels, museums,
etc... This is only a simple example. It would be easy to provide links
so that you go to the site of a restaurant when you click on on icon.

I could also have provided an alphabetical list of streets in the
bookmarks panel, so that when you click on a bookmark the map zooms
in to the street.

This is only a very simple example of what I think is nice about maps
in PDF. I'm definitely not talking about flat PDFs that contain nothing
more that raster data.


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