[OSGeo-Discuss] Can I do the same GIS tasks with OS (as with ESRI)?

RAVI KUMAR ravivundavalli at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 26 04:14:08 PDT 2008

Changing Goal Posts

This is more for the proprietory software, where they have to keep their heads above the water line. So CAD software try to become GIS and GIS software adds Image analysis and Image aanalysis software tries to add GIS features.

For Open Source GIS, all open source software is our playing field.
Grass GIS recommends Qgis for easier on screen digitisation. Grass goes with GMT for map generation. OpenJUMP recommends Inkscape for producing elegant hardcopy maps. Grass, Qgis OpenJUMP and scores of other Open GIS software use PostGIS for database and UMNS for Web Applications.

A mix of Open GIS and related software is the right solution. 
for the user who asked, "Can I do the same GIS tasks with OS (as with ESRI)?".
You can do more than that.

Ravi Kumar 

Malte Halbey-Martin <malte at geog.fu-berlin.de> wrote: Hi,

IMHO the most barrier for people using OS GIS is the lack of a user
friendly interface, especially for map production and digitising. I know
that this has been stated before in this thread, but I want stress this
point out.

I'm working as as supporter and software trainer for a software company
and not few of our customers are paying much money for applications,
which simplifys/extend the common ArcGIS funcitonallity! Most people are
overstrained about the functionallity of GIS software. I think the users
of GIS have changed over the past decade. More common people have to
work with GIS (especially public servants). GIS has become a common
software tool so the users aren't only specialist as some years ago!
This "new" users just want to have a button and that's it. Don't ask
them to create a sql string for extracting some data out of a database.

So as already mentioned, OS GIS NEEDS as userfriendly Interface,
powerful digitizing and map production tools which are easy to use. When
these issues have been solved, we will see a strong rising spread of  OS
GIS software.

Just my opinion.
PS: I love OS Software, but I just want to see a rising distribution of it!

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