[OSGeo-Discuss] Map of Wiki/OSGeo Members

Milo van der Linden milo at 3dsite.nl
Thu Aug 14 13:03:52 PDT 2008

I myself set up a sample that uses the ohloh API, combines it with the 
openstreetmap and shows als contributors(c) and users(u) that registered 
for the openstreetmap project on ohloh.net


Rafal Wawer wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> A very nice map indeed.
> The functionality is good and fast, however a possibility to make zoom 
> with bounding box would be a nice addon.
> The outlook is very similiar to http://spatial-reference.org.
> Best regards
> or
> MfG (-:
> Raf
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>> Hello,
>> today I setup a live demo of the mediawiki extension I wrote on a 
>> internet accessible mediawiki installation on Arnulfs server. -> 
>> http://arnulf.us/UserLocalization_Example
>> In the moment its not really showing what its made for because there 
>> are only two users of this wiki instance in the moment.
>> Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) schrieb:
>>> How is it going on your project, what is the status? Your efforts 
>>> sound really interesting and could be broadly useful - so I hope you 
>>> can finish it.
>> It is not the question If I finish it, it is only the question when. 
>> ;-) But I like to work on it and I'm willing to make it better and 
>> better.
>>> I'm not convinced that geocoding IPs is going to be as useful for 
>>> OSGeo though - I think that many members will never use the wiki. 
>>> Recently I checked revisions and more than half the revisions were 
>>> done by only 10 people :) To get the categories set for each user did 
>>> you have to do them manually, or did most people do it themselves 
>>> after the reminder?
>> Yes, and also the privacy thing is maybe an issue. I think not 
>> everybody wants to have a "track" of his editing locations public 
>> accessible. Its just a nice thing for a geo mashup with the geocoding 
>> service I thought... and there was something about it on the 
>> discussion page ( 
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Category_talk:OSGeo_Member ).
>> I will try to make some more functions and improve it. I would be very 
>> happy for any suggestions for what could be better done or what would 
>> be a good additional function.
>> Best regards,
>> Christian
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