[OSGeo-Discuss] Resource viewer for grama panchayat

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Fri Aug 22 12:41:10 PDT 2008

Let me introduce my work to the list:-


Hope, I can hear valuable suggestions.

It is hosted on a Debian GNU/Linux Etch server. It was my main project
during my M.Sc. course in last semester, and I decided to do this because I
wanted to do something useful for the panchayat - my first employer
:) (Panchayats are the rural local authorities in India, just like
Municipalities - the urban thing.) My course is just finished.

I developed this thing, on a Debian GNU/Linux Etch system using GRASS GIS,
PostgreSQL with PostGIS, Quantum GIS, UMN MapServer, ka-Map etc. Coded in
MapScript and php. All are Free/Open Source things.

I want to expand this to the entire district with some added query modules,
such as shortest route to a place, maximum coverage for some areas, flood
risk analysis etc, to make it a complete plan-development support system.

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