[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: Local Chapter, network and structuration

Julia Harrell julia.harrell at ncmail.net
Tue Aug 26 14:48:08 PDT 2008

 > For some of us who work in state (US) government, approval for out of
 > country travel can be essentially impossible.  Even if the location is
 > only about 60 miles out of the country...

I will definitely second this for NC State Gov staff. Even if travel 
funding is a) available and b) you can actually get approval, 
international travel is impossible for anyone except the Governor's 
Office and Council of State types. Local Govs have the same issues.

In order to attend the MUM 2005 and FOSS4G 2007 (which were both 
awesome, btw) I had to do it on own personal leave time and dime. I am 
glad I was able to go, but that's not going to be possible/affordable 
but every few years. With airfare costs on the rise so steeply, even 
trying to make it to Australia next year is not looking real hopeful at 
the moment.

A national level US FOSS4G conference could be a great thing to have - 
even if it is held every other year. That's how we have to schedule the 
NC GIS Conference, since it is put together and run primarily by public 
sector employee volunteers, and doing it every year is just not feasible.

Best Regards,

Julia Harrell
GIS Coordinator, NC DENR
julia.harrell at ncmail.net

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