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Tue Aug 26 15:55:45 PDT 2008

On 8/27/08, Dave Patton <davep at confluence.org> wrote:
> On 2008/08/26 3:08 PM, James Fee wrote:
> > I overheard someone say at GeoWeb 2008 that they could care less about
> > FOSS4G outside of North America and they have no interest in what will
> > probably be the next couple FOSS4Gs around the world.
> >
>  Hearing things like that, and the reactions about it being
>  'impossible' for USA state and local government employees, etc.,
>  make me wonder if there is any value in having the organizing
>  committees of 'foreign' OSGeo events doing any marketing
>  directly to such people.

I wonder what is the cost of marketing directly to me?

I wonder what is marketing directly to me?

I don't remember seeing an what seemed like a paid ad for any
MUM/FOSS4G conference in a paper magazine or also on a web site?

Just curious.

By the way, I am not a State/Local/Fed employee, yet, I too have
little interest in these overseas, high-cost conferences, at least as
long as I have no funding support for them. I do suspect that at some
point, at least for me personally, a conference becomes too big to
continue being useful.

>  The "glass half empty" view would be that such marketing
>  is 'a waste of time and money', because such people either
>  aren't personally interested, or their workplace has policies
>  that won't allow them to attend.
>  The "glass half full" view is that by directly marketing
>  to such people (who might want to self-identify, to make
>  sure they are on the relevant 'marketing lists') they get
>  the opportunity to have discussions with their supervisor(s),
>  and that if, over time, enough people raise the issue enough
>  times, along with examples of how other jurisdictions get
>  value from sending their staff to 'foreign events', maybe
>  things will change.
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