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Fee, James JMFee at tecinc.com
Wed Feb 13 17:45:03 EST 2008

I've tried to push folks blogging to step out behind their handles and
put their names out there.  I think an OSGeo Planet that were to mimic
the Planet Gnome would be a super idea.  I've not pushed the issue as
I've tried to be as open as possible with Planet Geospatial, but if I
were to create a more specific planet, I would "require" real name and
possibly even photos.  I think that adds so much credibility to the
community than all the handles that folks seem to use.

Setting up a planet is very easy (Use Venus, not Planet) but feel free
to consider me a resource as to what I've learned and struggled on over
the years with Planet Geospatial.  I spend almost no time managing it
beyond cleaning out old feeds (probably not an issue with Planet OSGeo)
and adding new feeds (hopefully there a lot of folks wanting to blog
about OSGeo).

James Fee
TEC Inc.

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Fawcett, David wrote:
> I personally like reading the OS bloggers mixed in with the
> bloggers along with the bloggers who write about using tools from both
> camps, all at planetgs.com.  

Yup, planetgs.com does a great job and James Fee is a pioneer in
gathering geospatial people from both worlds in common place.

However, my personal feeling is that there is a lot or too much of
anonymity on the Planet Geospatial, but communities are not formed by 
anonymous individuals.

When I look at the list of aggregated blogs, I hardly can identify
who is hiding behind all those names.

If you check the list of members of


you see *only* and *real* names of people.

IMHO, this is a very important difference for how community is
visible to the world.

Mateusz Loskot
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