[OSGeo-Discuss] Thematic Mapping Engine as Open Source?

Bjorn Sandvik bjorn at thematicmapping.org
Mon Jun 23 16:43:34 EDT 2008

 > Also, it would be interesting to know if you had any thoughts on how 
it could be used with other projects.

I agree that there might be some linkages to the OSGeo Cartographic 
Library Proposal:
There are some interesting bullet points under the Functionalty section 
that relates to thematic mapping.

TME should be able to read simple features (boundaries for 
choropleth/prims maps) in the most common formats.
So far only Well Known Text (WKT) is supported, but I would like to add 
GeoJSON support, and possibly WFS Simple.
TME also needs centroids to place proportional symbols etc.

Features could be fetched from one source (e.g. MapServer or GeoServer) 
and statistical data from another source
(like UNdata) - and then merged through geolinking.

There is a need for a thematic mapping standard, - or a thematic mapping 
extension to SLD/SE.
There are a few proposals around:

1) Dietze, L. and Zipf, A. (2007 accepted): Extending OGC Styled Layer 
Descriptor (SLD) for Thematic Cartography - Towards the ubiquitous use 
of advanced mapping functions through standardized visualization rules. 
4th Int. Symp. on LBS and Telecartography 2007. 

2) Sae-Tang, A, Ertz, O, 2007, Towards Web Services Dedicated to 
Thematic Mapping, OSGeo Journal, Vol. 3 

3) Iosifescu-Enescu, I.,2007, SE Implementation Specification Change 
Request – extensions for thematic mapping, EU FP7 ORCHESTRA Consortium


Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
> Hi Bjorn,
> Back to your original question...
>> Is there any interest in using this application among other open 
>> source projects? Are there any funding opportunities? I'm also 
>> interested in getting to know people who would like to contribute to 
>> this project.
> I think there is definite interest in the application, but I expect 
> until potential integrators can dig into the code and see how they 
> might integrate it might be slow going. So I think your approach to 
> opening it up will be important for moving forward. Also, it would be 
> interesting to know if you had any thoughts on how it could be used 
> with other projects.
> Tyler
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