[OSGeo-Discuss] SoC Digital elevation model for uDig

Josef Bezděk josef.bezdek at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 12:34:51 PDT 2008


Status Report for Week Ending on 6th of June, 2008

Till now I had tried to implement RCP/plug-in for uDig. Modul 
IncrementlDT, which computes  TIN, is finished. Now I implement modul 
BezierSurface, which calculates Bezier Surface above the TIN.

Next week I will continue on BezierSurface modul, how I agreed with my 
mentor (Jan Jezek). My mentor is always helpful,  I am  very satisfied 
with him.
I havn't had any problem with my project for the pressent.

   Josef Bezdek

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