[OSGeo-Discuss] SoC Report: Laval University/CamptoCamp 2008 SoC - Geo-BI dashboards

Etienne Dube etdube at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 16:41:01 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Since our project does not fit right into an existing OSGeo project 
(though it will involve the use/modification of some of these projects, 
e.g. OpenLayers) I posted this status report only on OSGeo-Discuss.

1. What dit I get done this week: I arrived yesterday from a conference 
in Croatia so I just got started with the GSoC project (as planned in my 
application schedule; I'll catch up in the upcoming weeks!). For now I 
downloaded and experimented with MapFish (http://www.mapfish.org). It is 
based on OpenLayers and ExtJs (JavaScript framework for rich web apps). 
It looks promising and very interesting; the Choropleth map widget 
already offers the possibility to create and display thematic maps with 
statistical distributions for intervals of values. I will probably use 
that as a starting point for the display of OLAP data on a map.

2. What do you plan on doing next week: continue experimenting with 
MapFish and ExtJs. Try to understand the function and interaction of 
MapFish's server and client parts. Think of a strategy for using the 
Mondian OLAP server (and olap4j API) with MapFish (MapFish server part 
is written in Python and Mondrian/olap4j is Java).

3. Are you blocked on anything: not yet.

Have a nice weekend!


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