[OSGeo-Discuss] Opportunity to help with radar image processing for US Midwest flood disaster response

Julia Harrell julia.harrell at ncmail.net
Tue Jun 10 09:41:38 PDT 2008

Saw this post on an NCSU GIS Listserv this morning and thought I'd pass 
it on. Some in the OSGEO community might have an interest in pitching in 
to help.

 > -------- Original Message --------
 > Subject:        request for help with flooding radar image processing
 > Date:   Mon, 09 Jun 2008 13:23:48 -0500
 > From:   Sam Batzli <sabatzli at wisc.edu>
 > Reply-To:       Sam Batzli <sabatzli at wisc.edu>
 > Organization:   University of Wisconsin - Madison
 > All,
 > The current Midwest flooding disaster in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana,
 > Michigan and elsewhere is prompting a need for remote sensing
 > for extent and damage mapping.  Current and persistent cloud cover is
 > making optical sensors ineffective.  By invoking the "International
 > Charter" (that removes access barriers to military and foreign sources
 > of imagery and data during emergencies) Wisconsin Emergency Management
 > is requesting before/after radar and possibly high-resolution optical
 > data of Southern Wisconsin.  I believe Indiana emergency managers are
 > doing the same for Indiana.
 > I am seeking individuals with expertise in processing radar data for
 > GIS applications that would be willing and able to help.
 > If you would like to take a shot at processing the data to produce
 > polygon (shapefile) or raster (GeoTIFF-like)  output of inundated
 > areas, let me know, and I will send you links to posted data sets
 > if/when they become available.
 > Right now I just need to know who can help.
 > Thank you!
 > (sorry for cross postings -- I'm blind copying several
 > AmericaView, WisconsinView, and UW-Madison lists with this note)
 > Dr. Sam Batzli, WisconsinView Director
 > Environmental Remote Sensing
 > Space Science & Engineering Center
 > 1225 W Dayton ST,  RM 1215
 > University of Wisconsin - Madison
 > Madison, WI  53706
 > Voice 608-263-3126
 > Fax 608-262-5974

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