[OSGeo-Discuss] Chickens, Boards and Export Restrictions

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Jun 12 14:33:52 PDT 2008

On 12-Jun-08, at 9:20 AM, Paul Ramsey wrote:
> - Putting our policy online (presumably copied from Apache
> shamelessly) in a findable location, to conform to the legal norms of
> our host nation.

I'll have to re-read Arnulf's note to understand more precisely what  
you are referring to here... we don't have the tax exemption in place  
yet, if that's what you mean.

> - Having a plan to take better advantage of our host nation status. We
> pay a good deal in terms of administrative overhead to be a fully
> tax-exempt charity in the USofA, what fund raising plans have we
> linked to that status?  Is that status gaining us anything at all, at
> this point?  The only connection I have *ever* heard was Michael
> Tiemann saying he'd only contribute if he could get a US tax
> write-off.

Getting to the US tax-exempt status has taken more time than  
expected.  We hired some help to handle the application process for  
us, but that hasn't sped up the proces too much.  My latest update  
shows we are close to completing the application and getting into the  
approval queue after I answer a few more questions.  That said, it  
will help any US donor on taxes - especially our US-based sponsors.   
It will also make it possible for us to apply for certain US-based  
grants/funding that require that status.

Landon wrote:
> I've never seen any type of fundraising plan. Do we have one? If we  
> want
> to take advantage of our tax-exempt status do we have a list of  
> American
> companies that might be possible contributors and might also be
> interested in a tax write-off? Do we need to assemble a team to handle
> fund-raising efforts?

Formal fundraising has been a challenge, though just defining what  
that means is a challenge.  I started compiling my thoughts on the  
topic but didn't get them distributed.  In so far as the conference,  
presentations, booths and one-on-one discussions go - we are fairly  
active in what ultimately ends up helping fundraising.

There was a fundraising committee but it was tough to get moving.  So  
its responsibilities were rolled back to the board.  To help this I  
wanted to get a plan together but have been busy with other things.

A team that is bigger than just the board and I, could be very helpful.


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