[OSGeo-Discuss] Driving licenses for geofoss?

andrea giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 14:49:23 PDT 2008

ciao Silvia - please see below.

2008/6/12 Silvia Franceschi <silvia.franceschi at gmail.com>:

> Hi Andrea,
> thanks for the info.
> We could try to do the same thing of QGIS and GVsig with uDig-JGrass.

If I may, I would suggest that we first wait to close out the test with one
application.  Getting through the process has exposed some interesting steps
that took long in our experience. The same steps may be streamlined once
we/somebody decided to replicate them on other packages.

Last but not least, I also want to hear feedback from the first person who
will get his/her "license" out of our test.

Again, this will help in tuning things on other initiatives. While this
*may* apparently delay the diffusion of the other packages, this will also
help whoever will commit to this to do it better on a second round.

by the way: we can (and should) consider expanding the visibility of
different packages in our "local setting" also through other initiatives.

> Could you send me some material to check what we should have and what are
> the main needs?

the GFOSS.it wiki has some information (look for ECDL). this page is not up
to date, but does give a backgroun.

the "real world" process is actually stewarded  by AICA/Labsita, so you
would need to ask them for the latest updates (but we can provide you the
contact information if needed).

beyond this, we cannot give more detail information on the test: there is
also a non-disclosure agreement which is to be signed by people who are
involved in setting up the tests, and again, this goes through AICA/Labsita.

> We also have some free data released from the public administration of
> Merano last november those we put on the OpenStreetMap... there are DTM,
> ortophoto, shapefiles and dxf...

I remember that. The data would be fine for any use under ECDL and other
purposes (e.g. we used it for our "awareness raising" video ;) ).

...proposing local datasets for ECDL tests to be conducted in different
areas of Italy -in our case- will be yet another opportunity to interact
between the developers (who need to fix bugs/add functions) to make
applications compliant to the standard syllabus, and for users to apply data
which they know better.

I hope this helps -

Andrea, aka pibinko
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