[OSGeo-Discuss] The New Board to be and Global representation

RAVI KUMAR ravivundavalli at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 23:21:44 PDT 2008

Hi All,
some new blood is added to the OSGeo charter members, and now we are poised to get new board members too. If one can remember, there was a discussion on the geographical representation of the board members after the last election. 

It is pertinent to have a global representation of OSGeo board members.
I hope the election to Board members will yield results that will represent a global interest of OSGeo. 

In spite of the fact that internet is nearly erasing the political boundaries, still in countries like India, Geospatial technologies are yet to make a mark in semi-urban and rural societies. 

OSGeo Coding verses OSGeo software usage(ratio):
Unlike the developed world where the ratio is evenly matched or slightly tilted towards users, in India it is very highly tilted towards OSGeo software usage.
So the priorities are different in promoting OSGeo. 

Ravi Kumar

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