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andrea giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 07:14:13 PDT 2008

one comment for Jorge, and one for Jeroen - and a "half a suggestion" (food
for thought)...

please see below...

2008/6/13 Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas <xurxosanz at gmail.com>:

> 2008/6/13 Jeroen Ticheler <Jeroen.Ticheler at fao.org>:
> > Hi all,
> ......
> >
> > So my call upon the community: forget about geographical representation
> as a
> > driving factor or political means in discussions or voting! My email gets
> to
> > you if I would send it from Khartoum in the same way it does now that I'm
> > sending it from Rome. Do you care? Or instead do you care about the
> content?
> > Focus on the last when voting; what is the added value of that person as
> a
> > board member to you.
> >
> > Ciao,
> > Jeroen
> >
> ......
> But, from the Spanish Language LC point of view, I wouldn't be happy
> if no one from South America is elected for the PSC (or whatever name
> we decide to the committee) because my wish is that this LC gets
> involved all the Spanish spoken world. But of course if we are not
> able to convince people from South America to participate on the
> community and we don't have people really working with the LC
> activities, is normal that no one would be elected by the majority.

1) Jorge - if I am a Norwegian citizen with a Korean mother and I live in
Egypt and I am elected on the board, I would be capable of doing a lot for
the promotion of FOSS in South America....

...This will happen if I relate to South America and I like it (its culture,
its people, its language(s) etc.).

So I can reinforce Jeroen's statement: let's ignore geography in
representation in the "traditional" sense.

Actually: I can confirm that similar dynamics are happening in other
communities I know ;)...it can get confusing at times, but it can work.

2) Jeroen - having some "homogeneous spread" of representation might still
have a sense for issue like optimisation of travel costs to insure that the
board can be present in specific areas around the globe, or other issues of
this kind

3) ...in this respect, I am taking the opportunity of the message to ask to
people who would be somewhere around Italy between August and September:
would it make sense to have some pre-FOSS4G round-up in Europe

...I could have said Antarctica...but I expect to be in Italy in that

....no official-formal-meeting: simply a gathering of those who already
happen to be close in space, at a given moment in time, and with the
possibility of repeating such an event when it is colder....

let's say...Southern Tuscany/hills+seaside...mid-September ?


andrea, aka pibinko

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