[OSGeo-Discuss] Driving licenses for geofoss?

andrea giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 09:23:47 PDT 2008

ciao Silvia - this is to respond to the second part of your mail:

2008/6/13 Silvia Franceschi <silvia.franceschi at gmail.com>:

> Ciao Andrea,
>> Last but not least, I also want to hear feedback from the first person who
>> will get his/her "license" out of our test.
>> Again, this will help in tuning things on other initiatives. While this
>> *may* apparently delay the diffusion of the other packages, this will also
>> help whoever will commit to this to do it better on a second round.
> My point of view was just to have a look at what a GIS should have to be
> used for the ECDL, and eventually organize our (JGrass team) efforts (during
> the next year) also developing the issues needed to begin to think at this.
> I think the requirements should be published and update on the dedicated
> wiky page, just to keep in mind the developers these opportunity.
> What do you think about this?

I think that ECDL is one of the vehicles to promote open source (GIS) as a
concept and a tool.
We also have (and are using) other vehicles, which are on par, or above,
ECDL currently in terms of effectiveness.

As an association (GFOSS.it) we are trying to balance various ideas and
initiatives to keep the process alive and gradually more mature. Clearly,
this requires interaction by different roles: developers, users, etc etc.

To get back to ECDL: surely this will progress (and we need an updated wiki
page to document the status, as the one we have now is outdated). In the
meantime, let's simply keep the communication open: at the end of a joint
evaluation, we may find that JGRASS could spearhead other types of

This is really a late Friday mail, and I'll be off.. we can continue next

Unfortunately I am not sure of making it to Bolsena (as under discussion on
another thread). Stefano Costa will be there on Monday, and I guess this can
be a topic for live discussion with him.

Un saluto e buon fine settimana (=regards, and have a nice week-end)

Andrea aka pibinko
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