[OSGeo-Discuss] Thematic Mapping Engine as Open Source?

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Jun 24 01:24:31 PDT 2008

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 05:40:41PM +0200, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>> Bjorn Sandvik ha scritto:
>>> I'll consider the pros and cons between different licenses. I don't have
>>> commercial interests,
>>> but I would like the project to be sustainable.
>>> I've changed my mind about using SourceForge, - I agree that Google Code
>>> is more suitable.
>> Please note:
>> - GPL is more widely used
> Than what?
> In any case, GPL is designed to prevent use of the software in a
> specific set of contexts. I maintain my position that for Javascript
> Libraries, the GPL is confusing at best, and tends to hurt uptake of 
> an open source project, in my experience. (ExtJS is a strong counter
> example of a JS library which is GPL licensed -- but they are not an
> open source project, just open source code.) 
> The GPL is a fine license for many things, I just think that open souce
> Javascript Libraries isn't among them.

GPL is appropriate if you do not want other people to make money out of your 
effort. LGPL may be more appropriate for Libraries but only after reading 

>> - Google Code apparently puts severe restrictions on exporting code to
>> several countries.
> Google Code follows the legal restrictions that are placed on it by the
> government of the country in which the company is based. (I mentioned
> this in my previous email.) Sourceforge is also a US-based company: it
> has the same *legal* restrictions placed on it, and I don't know if
> there is evidence that it doesn't have the same restrictions as Google
> Code; if they do, I believe that they would be in violation of the law
> anyway, though admittedly, as with all things, something being against
> the law doesn't stop people from doing it. 

But a small number of projects are now providing their own CVS or SVN 
facilities because THEY do not like the idea of code being controlled by 
America that was not created in America and has not need to be controlled by 
inappropriate rules. It's only cryptography which is a problem, but 
increasingly we are needing to secure passwords and other data, which is where 
lines can be crossed if one is not careful.

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